Supporting India’s Smile Foundation NGO

By Ashok Bagdy

The Smile Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting grassroots programs that offer children from underprivileged communities medical care and education. This support takes the form of funds and expert guidance. Much of the financial assistance that the Smile Foundation provides to the programs comes from donations. The foundation accepts online monetary donations through its website. It also offers corporations a range of support options, including Pay Roll Giving, Employee Engagement, Direct Child Support, and Cause Related Marketing.

Furthermore, the Smile Foundation offers various community groups (such as schools and college associations) and individuals (including celebrities and college students) options for collaboration. For instance, schools can initiate the Child for Child (CFC) program, which brings together children from underserved communities with those from affluent backgrounds. For a complete list of the donation and collaboration options offered by the Smile Foundation, visit

About the Author: Ashok Bagdy serves as Vice President of Outsourcing Services at Cameo Corporate Services Limited in Tampa, Florida. In addition, he supports the Smile Foundation, the March of Dimes, and the Ekal Vidyalaya Foundation.