Case Studies: Speech Recognition Software and Medical Transcription, By Ashok Bagdy

Voice-enabled medical transcription technologies have allowed companies to improve productivity and cut costs. Ashok Bagdy, an industry executive, recounts two case studies below.

In one case, a medical clinic that implemented speech recognition technology for transcription needs was able to boost productivity by half in the first four months of its use. The clinic also expected to achieve 100 percent cost savings once the software was fully adopted. Three years later, the clinic’s in-house medical transcriptionists were editing at two times the rate they were typing, meaning they’d increased productivity by 100 percent.

In a second case, a hospital doubled its productivity after implementing medical transcription software. Previously, it had relied on traditional transcription. The 667-bed facility also was able to reduce its reliance on outsourced medical transcription, thereby cutting costs, while accommodating increasing demand. The hospital also saw its turnaround times improve.

Hopefully, medical transcription and voice recognition can continue to share an excellent relationship, leading to fewer errors and more time spent with patients rather than at a desk.

About Ashok Bagdy: As the Vice President of Cameo Corporate Services Limited, Ashok Bagdy leads its medical transcription outsourcing.


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