Considerations for Outsourcing Medical Accounts Receivable By Ashok Bagdy

Outsourcing pic

Many medical practices, hospitals, and other health care providers rely on outsourcing services to handle their accounts receivable needs. With shrinking reimbursements from state and federal sources and insurers, receivables encompass an increasing amount of an organization’s overall revenues. Moreover, repeated billing demands from their physician’s office causes some patients to ignore ongoing medical care, contributing to potential health problems. Removing this function from the office and assigning it to an outsourcing company preserves the doctor-patient relationship over time while optimizing payments of accounts receivable.

Reputable outsourcing companies undertake ongoing training and software updates to ensure compliance with such regulations as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. Members of their staffs remain up-to-date with the latest legal and industry standards and are experienced in working with insurance companies to generate optimal reimbursements. In addition, professional outsourcing providers focus on customer service, offering considerate, courteous assistance to patients and client office personnel.

About the author: With more than a decade of experience managing outsourcing operations, Ashok Bagdy directs the thriving health care outsourcing division of Florida-based Cameo Corporate Services Limited. His efforts for the company resulted in increased productivity and reduced employee turnover. Ashok Bagdy also implemented numerous technology improvements to promote customer satisfaction.


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