The Child for Child Program – A Groundbreaking Initiative from the Smile Foundation

Child for Child Program pic
Child for Child Program

Presented by Ashok Bagdy, Smile Foundation supporter and Vice President of Outsourcing Services at Cameo Corporate Systems, Limited

Reaching out to underprivileged youth is something many philanthropic organizations and charities do. Few, however, go as far as to reach out to the privileged youth to inspire humanitarian attitudes and promote charitable states of mind. That is exactly what the Smile Foundation’s Child for Child Program does.

Hosting national events throughout India, the Child for Child program has reached more than two million children in more than 2,500 schools. The mission of the Child for Child program is to increase awareness among privileged youth regarding the current disparities in the social order in India, and encourage them to contribute their efforts as individuals towards causes that help improve the lives of the less fortunate. Since the establishment of the program, Child for Child has not only fostered awareness, but has increased active participation from students and adults alike.

As a cause that focuses on nurturing the open minds of youth, this type of program is believed to be critical in the cause of cultivating equality and social peace in India. To become a participant, schools and other interested followers are encouraged to visit the Smile Foundation’s website at

About Ashok Bagdy: As a supporter of the Smile Foundation, Ashok Bagdy is involved in improving economic and social conditions in India as a whole. He is the Vice President of Outsourcing Services at Cameo Corporate Systems Limited, a company that contributes to employment opportunities in India as an outsourcing corporation.


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