Smile Foundation of India’s Programs By Ashok Bagdy

Smile Foundation of India pic
Smile Foundation of India

Smile Foundation of India was founded by a group of corporate leaders wishing to make a positive impact on the lives of children, youth, and women in economically disparate circumstances. By providing localized, community-led education and healthcare initiatives, the foundation hopes to improve lives, and moreover, to fundamentally shift the understanding of citizens’ role in social change. Below are some of the specific programs and initiatives spearheaded by this foundation.

Positing that education has a powerful effect in alleviating social problems such as poverty, healthcare, unemployment, and human rights, the foundation offers a number of educational programs under its Mission Education initiative. Mission Education supports programs for children of all ages, as well as literacy programs for women and a Family Life Education program for girls. These programs cater to children facing any number of disadvantages, like economic disparity, disability, and HIV/AIDS infection.

Smile on Wheels is an education and healthcare-focused initiative aimed at Indians residing and working in areas classified as slums. Urban Indians often suffer from untreated medical complications; this problem is due in part to a limited number of local healthcare facilities, but more often, it occurs because educational limitations have reduced public awareness of important health issues. Smile on Wheels uses a mobile medical services approach, not only to bring healthcare to those in need, but also to promote education on health topics.

About the author: Ashok Bagdy is the Vice President of Healthcare Outsourcing at Cameo Corporate Services Limited, where he administrates medical transcription accounts.


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