Six Ways Medical Transcription Outsourcing Can Benefit Companies

Outsourcing pic

Ashok Bagdy serves as the Vice President of Cameo Corporate Services’ Healthcare Outsourcing Division, where he has helped implement a number of new procedures. For instance, Ashok Bagdy introduced the concept of outsourcing medical transcription (MT) editing to India.

MT outsourcing can benefit the medical field in the following ways:

1. Reduced expenses companywide. Outsourcing MT services reduces expenses for areas and divisions throughout the company and lowers costs for capital investments, managerial needs, and direct labor. In terms of managerial expenses, MT outsourcing frees up time and money that can be used instead for management processes.

2. Increased control of report volumes and staffing. Addressing sudden and unexpected changes in report volume and staffing can result in unavoidable delays in the transcription process. Outsourcing MT or even just its overflow provides a cost-effective solution that helps manage staff shortages or sharp increases in report volume.

3. Improved accessibility to reports. Outsourcing MT services also allows companies to employ Web- or server-based solutions for report accessibility and distribution. Web-based interfaces enable company personnel to access the system from any computer with an Internet connection, making document distribution and record review easier.

4. Decreased workload for company IT departments. Without the need to maintain and troubleshoot problems with in-house MT systems, information technology (IT) departments have extra time to focus their attention on more important issues. The decrease in responsibilities combined with additional server space allow IT departments to become more productive and efficient.

5. Reduced use of staff recruitment resources. A shortage of domestic certified medical transcriptionists means that human resource (HR) departments often experience difficulty in keeping the positions filled for their companies. Outsourcing MT services eliminates the constant recruitment cycles faced by HR departments.

6. Simplified workflow. Companies that manage their own MT take on numerous associated responsibilities, such as the management of records, medical coding, and turnaround times. Outsourcing allows companies to simplify the workflow and reduce the number of steps required for turnaround times. As a result, accounts receivable cycles are likewise reduced.


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